Scheduled Event Shadowing




  • Grzegorz Wojtowicz

    What will happen when I don't check Do Event Shadowing checkbox?

    Will the semi-annual dispatch launch only with semi-annual checklist instead of monthly and semi-annual checklist?

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  • Cara Winther

    If you have events scheduled - a monthly and a semi-annual for example, that are both set for October 1st and don't have the Event Shadowing box checked, the system will launch one dispatch for the Semi-annual.  It will only launch one (or all) checklists as the system wont associate specific checklist with interval type.  In addition when not using the shadowing feature you would need to put all interval PM steps on one checklist and then set the larger interval steps to  "allow not applicable" so that they are not required to check them when completing the smaller interval types. 

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