Scheduler Calendar

Steps to viewing and printing schedules

  1. Select the 'Scheduler' menu option
  2. Click on the 'View Calendar' icon next to the 'All Schedules' menu option
  3. This will open the Scheduler Calendar
  4. If needed use the 'Filter' option (upper right corner) to filter calendar based on area, line, resource, etc... (this is nice if you want to print or display schedules by area or resources, etc..)
  5. If 'Filter' is used click 'Apply' then click on 'Filter' icon to hide filter options
  6. Click 'Print' option located (upper right corner)
  7. This will take you to a print preview screen - click 'Print' again (upper right corner)
  8. This will take you to the printer screen. From here you can select the appropriate printer and print the calendar


Note: Based on the printer you may need to adjust printer options (scale) to get the best results and print details.

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