Production Target Column

Production Target is a setting that you can enable in the production settings that allows you to measure your productivity against the ideal line cycle time vs. the demand feature that may or may not use ideal cycle time when scheduled.


How it works

E-Kanban:  If you are using the e-kanban order functionality when you schedule orders it will automatically reference the product specific cycle time for the various orders and set the target based on the available pitch minutes with the ideal cycle time.  If you don't have product specific cycle times you must have at least one for "all products" so that it will know what cycle time to use.


Production without E-Kanban:  If you wish to use the target column but aren't using e-kanban you will still need to have cycle times setup for either all products or specific products.  When pitches are scheduled they will default to the "All Products" cycle time but the product can be changed when you save the individual pitch record to reflect a specific product cycle time target if applicable.



Key Point:  The Target will take out the downtime when calculating the true target.  Therefore if you have a 30 second cycle time you should make 120 parts in a typical 60 min pitch.  If you have 15 minutes of "impacting" downtime it will reduce your target for the pitch to 90 when the pitch is saved.  

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