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  • Rodney Osborne

    I don't really understand why "If you are not using the product orders feature, all Cycle Times must be set up using the "All Products" option"?  If I have a line that produces multiple products, as long as I identify each product with it's relative cycle time, why wouldn't the system be capable of calculating OEE from that?

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  • Permanently deleted user


    Fantastic question. I had to think about this one for a minute :)

    The Product Orders feature set makes it easy to associate products to pitches, which ensures you get an accurate OEE. If you are recording the Product on the pitch it will use the Cycle time for the product, even if you aren't using Product Orders. If you do not record the product, it will look at the "All Products" cycle time.

    I'll update this article to better clarify. Thanks for your question!

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