Skills Template for Users & Skills



  • Cara Winther

    Hello Susan, 

    Thank you for your excellent feedback regarding our Skills Module!    

    We agree that having a template to mass upload Users and Skills would be extremely helpful.  I wanted to let you know that we are currently working on that very thing and hope to have a working model soon.  

    I would love to hear your ideas about any specific items you would like to see included as we are in the planning stages now.  

    Thanks again for taking time to share your suggestion with us.  We really appreciate your input!    


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  • Kaio Correia

    Hi Cara,

    I´m also facing this problem now.

    Is there any mass upload template available? If yes could you please send it to me?


    Best regards

    Kaio Correia

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  • Devin Baldwin

    Susan and Kaio-

    Thanks for your suggestions. We'll keep your needs in mind as we plan future enhancements to Skills.

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