Required fields for initiating dispatches



  • Thomas, Barry

    Hello Seth, I think its valuable to collect as much detail as possible and often times it's by forcing certain fields to be populated. My recommendation would be to create a Reason code for Setup Issues that the mechanic would select, then this would generate some dialogue around what those setup issues might be (Maintenance or Operations). I think you will always initially get some finger pointing but when everyone understands the common goal and they see the data, then positive things can happen. 

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  • Joshua Lewis


    For a manually reported downtime event, I find the Reason dialogue to be basically the only thing truly worthwhile at launch. The rule tends to be:

    • Enforce usage of individual Reason by Operations at time of request
    • Enforce review of individual Reason by Maintenance at time of repair completion
    • Encourage maintenance/engineering to review Reason list per technology and adjust as necessary based on trending data.

    I do include a generic "unknown" reason code, but I also have this trigger:

    1) additional training for the operations employee or 
    2) audit by engineering/maintenance 

    If an unknown is selected - the employee is encouraged to fill out the description with a bit more detail, but again this is not a rule.

    Overall - I shy away from anything more than this. Operators' and Leads' times are better spent doing other things and capturing the actual downtime time-stamp is higher priority for us than the "why" detail (which maintenance can provide).

    Don't forget the dispatch questions and answers if you want something more out of a particular line/machine/technology. These work great in some circumstances. One big use for me: some machines list the literal step the process faulted at, and operations can record this step. We can then extract this data and understand WHEN something is failing in the process.

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