Required fields for initiating dispatches

When our Operations group submits a dispatch requesting assistance from our Maintenance group, the expectation is all fields are filled out with sufficient detail that will help management track and trend reoccurring issues.  Our reason codes were created to allow our Operations group to explain the issue that they are facing (i.e. caps not being placed on bottles).  Our mechanics will capture the action and component, along with a description of what they noticed when they addressed the issue.  The description provided by our mechanics may or may not include a statement about the equipment being set-up incorrectly by Operations.  I have a two part question for this forum:

1 - Can anyone provide any recommendations for establishing "constructive" dialogue between Operations and Maintenance when it comes to communicating "set-up issues"?

2 - Does anyone find value in creating a rule for requiring certain fields within dispatches to be populated in order for the dispatch to be submitted?

Looking forward to the feedback everyone, thanks in advance!





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