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    Mark Hungerford

    Currently the max size is 20MB

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  • Wendy Meshelle

    Thanks for asking/answering this - I was trying to upload a manual that was ~41MB and it doesn't say anything specific other than give a "Page cannot be displayed" type error after it tries to upload....time to compress a file I guess :-)

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  • Scott Klauka


    I have ran into this as well.  My solution is 2 fold.  1, you can convert to pdf files which use a lot less space.  The best solution is to place those files in a location on your server and create a link to that file.  I have created a document in Word format. and on that page that L2L opens I have inserted a link that goes out to location on our server and opens which ever document I need.   You will need to be religious in keeping those documents in order and updated because L2L will not be keeping track of any changes made to those document.  But once your L2L document is created to pull data from your sever.  You only have to change your document  on server because L2L only links to that location and does not have to be changed once set up 

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