Hiding Scheduler Dispatch Types




  • Robert Zirker IV

    I wonder, could the dispatch creation choices reflect the dispatch filter the user has chosen?

    It would be helpful to streamline the dispatch creation process by offering fewer items to choose from. 

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  • Susan Dwyer

    I believe this would also help for those of us that involve our operation teams, the maintenance aspect gets very confusing for them.

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  • jlellis1

    This would be helpful to us as we are rolling out changeover tracking by operators.

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  • Devin Baldwin

    Thanks everyone for voting and commenting on this feature request. We're planning on moving forward with this request in a future release. We'll be adding a new setting on the Dispatch Type update screen to make the dispatch type available in the Dispatch form on the Dispatch screen. This will allow administrators to remove certain Dispatch Types from the Dispatch form.

    This is especially useful for Dispatch Types that are created by the system, such as Work Orders, or PMs.

    I'll post updates as we make progress.

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