Adding New Codes

Q: Action component codes on the dispatch screens are too finite, when we fix a machine, it’s rarely just “tightened bolt”. I’d like to see something along the lines of changed contractor, but not make it mandatory to check this box to save and exit. Or in the past in other CMMS software, I had work order (dispatch) types: PM, Breakdown, process improvement, 5s, and a few others. If it was a PM, all the background information was filled in when I wrote the PM. If it was a breakdown, the I had dropdown menus with breakdown types: Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, CNC, operator error, hydraulic, and a few others. The more finite details were filled in in the comments part. So if I wanted to search for electrical failures, all of them would come up, and I could then look at the individual work orders to see what happened.

A: Administrators also have the ability to add new Action and Component codes. Go to: Main Menu>Setup>Action Code (or Component Codes)>Add New and simply add in what you desire. NOTE: Be careful not to put A/C codes that are closely related (i.e. adjusted vs. tweaked). This will cause confusion for the tech as to which one to choose and then your data will begin to skew as you will have two definitions for the same action and the data will be split. The Admin also has the ability to turn off the mandatory requirement for A/C codes., the settings are for each individual Dispatch Types. Go to: Main Menu>Setup>Dispatch Types and select the dispatch type, then uncheck the box(s) you desire.


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