I'd like to hear how others are tracking breaks.



  • Pamela Butler

    We have created a Machine called 'Break-Lunch' & a Dispatch Type called 'Break/Lunch' & a Tech Team called 'Break/Lunch' w/ a color assigned as Yellow(for Resource pool visual not to call them). We use the machine & dispatch type & add the technician just as we would a downtime call. With 'break' or 'Lunch' in the description/comment so the dispatcher or technicians knows whether to (manually) close the call at 15min or 30min. We also created action & component codes for Break & Lunch to close the call with. We only allow a few techs to be on break & lunch at the same time so this gives everyone a visual as to whether their is a spot available to go or how long it will be before they can go. This helps to be able to pull a quick machine history to see who has & hasn't had a break/lunch if needed. We can also pull reports on this data just as we would a downtime call or technician time.

    Originally answered Apr 17, 2015 at 11:25 am

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  • jseaton

    Breaks can be setup and easily tracked by creating a dispatch type called Breaks. When the techs go on break/lunch create a new call choose the break call and place each tech under the call. Reports can then be ran on the call type to see if any abuse is happening during breaks or lunches.

    Originally answered Apr 27, 2015 at 12:58 pm

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