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I'm curious what Resource Categories other facilities use? We currently have our resource categories setup by a combination of trade and area. Most trades, like plumbers HVAC, toolmakers & electricians service multiple Areas so they're in a resource category under their trade. Other trades, mainly mechanics/technicians are far more numerous and tend to stay in one particular area so they're setup under their particular area. This helps people know who works where. However, one goal of introducing L2L at our facility is to break away from this habit of having dedicated mechanics by area so I'm thinking we need to change the way we categorize and display our resources. As mechanics are cross-trained to work in other areas, do we just change all resource categories to be only Areas, then list people multiple times in all areas they can support? The only problem with this method is that the resource list will get HUGE. But, if we go by Trade, then we'll have a huge list of mechanics and newer people will struggle with knowing who is able to work in what areas and on what machines... what to do...?

Originally submitted May 19, 2015 at 10:04 am

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