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  • Bob Argyle

    Hi Amber,

    This is used only in the significant downtime Pareto, Bar & the Summary reports. If you current time is 90 you can change all machines to 90 mins by going to the 'Access' menu and 'Edit Critical / Significant Downtime Machine(s)'. Make sure ALL is selected in every selection box, put 90 in the 'Set Significant Downtime' window and click on the 'Set Significant Downtime' button. This will set all machines to 90. I looked at your site and some machines are set to 90 already while others are set to 60. Not sure if those are correct but that's how they are currently set up. If you want to change only one machine you would do that from the "Input Menu Machines' as referred to in your question. In the future the Significant Event Time will be used to initiate SIG events in the new Significant Event module when it is complete.

    Thanks, Bob

    Originally answered Sep 27, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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