AUTO-SAVE For E-Checklists

What are thoughts for having L2L Checklists auto-save periodically?

Ran into a situation where one of our guys was completing a lengthy checklist during a PM.  He was 3/4 the way finished when his Wifi / Cellular signal went out and when he refreshed his window, the checklist was void of data and he had to re-key it all in.

I know, there's 2 SAVE buttons at the bottom.  I know , save often.

BUT for NON-PC-Savvy craftsman, who aren't used to that particular culture, what if the Checklist auto-saved say every X minutes, or after each editable control has been modified?  

Some re-education for them will help, but little things like this, can add a little shine to the L2L platform.

interested in feedback please.


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