suggest notification type subdivide

 I think  notification function with In L2L is a great idea, it's really help plant pass the information at immediate

also in notification type there have lot of choice to  help made the custom notification come to possible

but still one point I think if change that will be make this function more better.

for now in "type" we mix those area & type together, so that means we can only set one dimensionality for one notification, but some time we really need two dimensionality

make an example----if one plant want to use this function-----automatically create notification when some KPI is below the thresholds, them some AMC manage might be just care their AMC so they will want only see the area or line, but some how they will also want to have another notification to know if some one is dispatched or not on those case, and also only for he or her area, but for now it will be impossible, they can only get all site's notification that not fun

so if we can separate those area & type them we will able to set more detail and custom notification  



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