Scheduling Interval Choice "Calendar-Shiftly"

Currently when you create a schedule for a PM that is due on a "shiftly" basis we have to select the Calendar-Daily for the interval and then select our specific shift we had created.  The issue is that in the auto-generated dispatch "comment" section it auto populates at the beginning of the comment "Daily" which I assume it is adding because we chose a "Daily" calendar and that seriously confuses people even though we add a description that says Shiftly. I would either propose it stops with the auto-populating in the comments OR can you add a "Calendar-Shiftly" option please so at least the auto populate makes sense to them?  See example of how the dispatch for a "Shiftly" looks and you can understand the confusion because these operators may also have items that are daily. The top item is a true daily but the dispatch underneath of it is shiftly - but both default the first word as "Daily". We have some items due every 12 hours (shiftly) and some just due once every 24 hours (daily).






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