Reports Filters

Search Filters

The search filters are in Pull-down menus. Each report and graph selection within Leading2Lean uses the same format for filtering. Using filters allow the User flexibility in choosing what data they wish to display in each chart and graph.


• Select the field you wish to query by selecting the arrow on the right of the filter.
• Choose the Area, Line, Machine, etc. you wish to include in your query. Multiples may be chosen in each Drop-down menu for query.
• Typing in the Enter Keyword search allows for quicker access in menus of large numbers.
• Use the Uncheck All button to quickly clear the query for this Field only.


Dates and Times

Dates and times are used to narrow the search to specific time frames such as days and even hours if required.


• The Date Range drop down menu is a set of pre-selected common ranges used by L2L clients. If a Date Range is selected, there is no need to enter Start and End dates.
• Start Date/Time – End Date/Time dates allow the user to narrow their query to the minute if desired.
• Shelf Time allows the user to query a slice of time over a period of days. Select a date range and a time (i.e. 0600-0800) and select Shelf Time Per Day to receive data between those hours for the Date Range you choose.


Additional Filters

Additional filters are used to insert and remove special requirements in the query.


• Closed Dispatches: This tells the system to only query data from closed dispatches.
• Open During Timeframe: Will query dispatches opened during the timeframe selected, regardless of their current status.
• Include Non-production Machines: Will query any dispatch data on forklifts, HVAC, etc.
• Currently Open / Not Completed: Will query only those dispatches currently open and exclude any ‘Closed and Completed’ data.
• Past Due: Will query data from dispatches on work orders, scheduled events or dispatches that have been assigned a due date and are past due.


Trend Chart Features

• Goal Start/Goal End inserts a goal line into the trend chart.
• Basis determines in what time increments the user wishes to display the trend.


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