Add/Edit Schedules

• Go to the Scheduler via the menu tab on left side of main screen and click on ‘Schedule List’
• This will open Schedule List - Filters in header can be used to filter list
• Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the ‘Schedule List’ Bar
• Enter ‘Name’
• Select ‘Dispatch Type’
• Enter ‘Comments’
• Select ‘Trade’
• Enter ‘Estimated Hours’
• Select ‘Owner(s)’ – This is not typically done unless schedule is done by same person every time
• Select ‘Schedule Type’

 One Time Event = Not repeating
 Fixed Interval = Same frequency regardless when last complete (example: monthly PM due 20th of month will be due every month on the 20th regardless of last time complete)
 Floating Interval = Frequency will float based on last time complete (example: monthly PM is complete 5 days after due date 20th of month, PM will launch next month 5 days after previous month or 25th of month, this can reduce waist of activities being done to frequently)
Note: If scheduled event is not complete before next schedule system will not launch a duplicate event. If event is completed after next schedule would have be due system will account for both events being complete
• Select Reoccurrence – Days, Hours, Cycles, Calendar Monthly, Calendar Weekly, Calendar Daily
 Multiple types can be selected (example: you could schedule the Monthly and Yearly PM from a single scheduler. To do this you will need to identify which steps to perform Monthly vs. Yearly in single PM document, or link both Monthly & Yearly PM Documents to the schedule. When schedule launches it will display the schedule type ‘Monthly or Yearly’ in schedule header)
• Day – Select if you’d prefer launch on same day of Week or Month every time it launches
• Enter ‘Schedule Dates’
• Launch Date – This is the initial date schedule will launch Dispatch event
• Due Date – This is the initial due date following launch date. The idea is to launch event with enough time prior to Due date to ensure success (example: Yearly PM you may want to Launch a couple weeks prior to due date to allow for planning)
Note: Launch to Due Date interval will remain consistent unless edited from this screen
• Select applicable machine(s). Use filter on right hand side to filter machine list
• Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save And Add Document(s)’

• Save And Add Document(s) will take you to documents list where you can select applicable document(s) to associate to schedule
• Select Documents and Click ‘Save’

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