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L2L Mobile is the easiest way to use Leading2Lean CloudDISPATCH on your mobile device. It helps you stay connected real-time to your CloudDISPATCH data.

  • Receive real-time notifications over WiFi or a cellular data connection. You no longer need to rely on cellular SMS infrastructure.
  • View an up-to-date list of Dispatch Notifications. Follow-up notifications for a Dispatch are rolled into a single notification.
  • View and update Dispatches directly inside the L2L Mobile app. No more switching between apps.

The L2L Mobile app is currently available for iOS devices and Android devices.


iOS: Install from the iOS App Store or iTunes. You can also just search for "L2L Mobile" in the App Store.

Android: Install from the Google Play Store on your device. You can also search for "L2L Mobile" in the Google Play store.

If you do not have access to the Google Play Store you can install the L2L Mobile App from the Amazon App Store in your country.

amazon-underground-app-us-black_140.svg (Coming soon!)

If you are unable to install the L2L Mobile app from an App Store in your region you can install it manually.

Supported Devices

We recommend that you always keep your devices up-to-date. This ensures compatibility with L2L Mobile, better optimization, and will help keep your device secure.

iOS Supported Devices
L2L Mobile can be installed on iOS devices running iOS 9.3 and later. This includes the following iOS devices:

  • iPad 4th Generation and later
  • iPad Mini 2nd Generation and later
  • iPad Air, all Generations
  • iPhone 5s and later
  • iPod touch 5th Generation and later

Android Supported Devices
L2L Mobile can be installed on Android devices which meet the following criteria:

  • Updated to the latest version of Android, at least Android version 4.4.4.
  • Has access to the Google Play store or Amazon App Store.


In order to receive notifications in the L2L Mobile App, check the "Deliver to Mobile Devices" box in each notification configuration:

Each user should also ensure the "Enable Notifications for Mobile Devices" is checked in their User Settings page. This setting is enabled by default.

Multiple Users on One Device

Using the L2L Mobile App on a shared iOS device is much like using a shared computer. Each user will log on at the beginning of their session, and log off at the end. Here's how:

To log on:

  1. Click "Settings" icon
  2. Click the "+" icon
  3. Enter your site name, username, and password, then click "Done"

To log off:

  1. Click "Settings" icon
  2. Select the correct site
  3. Click "Delete Account"

You can log on and log off the Android L2L Mobile App like you can on the iOS version. Alternatively, some Android devices allow you to configure multiple users on the device. After it is configured, a user will log on to their profile at the beginning of the shift, and log off at the end of the shift.

Multiple Devices for One User

A single user can install the L2L Mobile App on more than one device. Each device will receive every notification and will alert the user according to their preferences.


First Steps
Here are some items to check before proceeding. 

  1. Is your OS up to date? We rely on certain OS features for many functions in the L2L Mobile app. Make sure your device is up to date to ensure the L2L Mobile app runs smoothly. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. On Android, go to Settings > About > System updates. If there is an OS update, it will prompt you. Check the list of iOS Supported Devices and Android Supported Devices above to make sure your device is supported.
  2. Is your L2L Mobile app up to date? Launch your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and see if there are any updates to the app. This will ensure you have the latest version with all the bug fixes available.

I can't find the L2L Mobile app for my device.
The L2L Mobile app must be installed from one of the supported app stores. The app stores that are currently supported are Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android. If your device did not come with one of these app stores, it is incompatible with L2L Mobile.

I can't add my user account in the L2L Mobile app.
If you are not able to add your user account on your mobile device, please try the following:

  1. Ensure your "Site Name" is correct. If your Leading2Lean URL is "," enter "l2l" in the "Site Name" field.
  2. In some circumstances, the username and password are case sensitive. Make sure you have entered them correctly.
  3. If you have previously successfully logged in and are having issues, you can unregister your device from Dispatch by visiting your User Setting page, Click on a Device, and click "Unregister."

I am not receiving notifications in the L2L Mobile app.
If you aren't receiving notifications in the L2L Mobile app on your device, try the following:

  1. Swipe down to refresh. This will pull any new notifications from Dispatch onto your device.
  2. Make sure your notifications are enabled for your Dispatch user account as directed above. Click on your name in the top-right corner of the Dispatch screen, and make sure the "Enable Notifications for Mobile Devices" option is enabled.
  3. Make sure you have configured a notification using the Setup > Notifications Management tool as directed above.
  4. If you have recently changed your dispatch password, make sure to change it in the L2L Mobile app as well.

I am receiving notifications in the L2L Mobile app, but I am not receiving notification alerts on my device.
Notification alerts are suppressed when you are in the L2L Mobile app. If you aren't receiving notification alerts on your lock screen or when you are using a different app, try the following:

  1. Check the notification settings for the L2L Mobile app on your mobile device. On iOS, go to Settings > L2L Mobile > Notifications, and make sure notifications are enabled. On Android, go to Settings > Notifications > L2L Mobile, and make sure notifications are not blocked.

My notifications are set up correctly, but notifications are not getting delivered to my device.
Sometimes the device registration changes without updating the device registration in Dispatch. It is still possible to fix this problem:

  1. Log into Leading2Lean Dispatch, and go to your user settings page.
  2. Click on the device that is not receiving notifications in the "Registered Devices" section.
  3. Click on the "Unregister" button at the bottom of the page, and confirm.
  4. Open the L2L Mobile app, and go to "Settings", then select the account for the Dispatch site you logged into in step 1.
  5. Remove the account from the L2L Mobile app. On iOS: Select "Delete Account", then "Confirm". On Android, select the "Menu" dots, then select "Remove Account."
  6. Reconfigure the account.

I'm getting an error: Registration Error! invalid parameters - device information is in use
This means that someone else logged in to the L2L Mobile app from the device. To fix this problem, have all others remove their login from the device, and try logging on again. If there are no users listed on the device, contact L2L support and we can manually remove the other user.

I'm getting an error: Registration Error! Failed to register device - contact support
This is our default error. Here are a few reasons you may be getting this error:

  • You are trying to log on to 2 different Leading2Lean Dispatch servers for different companies. For security reasons, you can only log on to Dispatch servers for one company.
  • Some other authentication error. Contact Leading2Lean support to troubleshoot.

How do I submit a bug?
If you have encountered an issue that you can't resolve, you can create a new support ticket, and include the following details:

  1. Name and version of the device you are using. (e.g. iPhone 5s)
  2. OS Version of your device. (e.g. iOS 10.1)
  3. Version of the L2L Mobile App. (e.g. version 1.1 build 520)
  4. Screen you were on when you noticed the issue. Screenshots are helpful as well.
  5. Describe the behavior.
  6. Include any additional information that may have contributed to the issue. Additional information helps reach a diagnosis quickly.
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