How do I submit a bug?

Sometimes you'll come across a page that doesn't work quite like you expected. You can create a support ticket to let us know. We'll respond with a personal request within a business day. Once we fix the issue, we'll schedule time to update your site.

Please be as detailed as possible. This will help us replicate the issue and fix the bug quickly. The following items are very helpful:

  1. Brief description of the issue
  2. URL of the broken page
  3. How you got there
  4. Expected result
  5. Actual result
  6. Screenshots (include the whole browser window, including the URL and Site name)
  7. Additional information, including impact

Sample bug report:

Description: Can't update a dispatch


Site: Sandbox

How I got there: From the home screen, opened Dispatch screen, clicked on Dispatch #1. Changed the status, and clicked "Save".

Expected Result: Dispatch should have updated with the new status.

Actual Result: The web page did nothing.

Additional Information: When I refreshed the page, my changes were gone. This is something that we do every day.


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