User Groups

User Groups

System User Groups- There are three predefined system user groups

  • Administrator – Access to all controls within branch
  • Resource – Open and close calls, reports and view within branch
  • User- View and reports within branch

Custom Branch User Groups - can be added from the User Setup Menu in Dispatch. If you do not have this menu then you do not have access to add user groups. User Groups are used to set up special dispatch access privileges by site. For example: If you want to give administrative access to a few individuals that are responsible for adding and editing the system data, you would set up a group similar to the example below. Then, you could go to the applicable users in the ‘User add or edit’ area and assign them to the ‘Admin Group’. This would give them access to both the ‘Setup’ menu.

  • Go to the ‘Setup’ menu and click ‘User Groups’
  • Click on ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “User Groups” bar
  • Add new user group name in the Description box
  • Select appropriate group access areas (use CTRL click to add multiple areas)
  • Click ‘Add’

Note: The newly added group will now be accessible from the user add & edit menus for this branch only (will not be available for other branches)


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