Dispatch Edit

The Dispatch Edit screen gives detailed information and is the main input for Dispatch information. The Dispatch Detail screen is only accessible to Resources and Administrators via the Dispatch number hyperlink found on the main Dispatch screen.

  1. Area, Line, Machine & Tooling – All can be changed by Resources if necessary.
  2. Dispatch Type – Dispatch types should only be changed at the initial start of the Dispatch.
  3. Trade – Trades will need to be set-up prior to showing on this pull-down menu.
  4. Time Reported Down – Times should only be adjusted by Administrators.
  5. Due Date – A Due Date for a dispatch can be entered here. This will show on the main Dispatch Page.
  6. Description – A description of the dispatch plus notes and other information will show here.
  7. Spare Parts List – As spare parts are used for the dispatch, they are shown here. There is no limit to SP lines.
  8. External costs – If additional material is purchased externally for the dispatch, that cost goes here.
  9. Status – Any and all manual Status Changes happen on this menu.
  10. Necessary Documents – Any documents attached to this particular dispatch will be linked here.
  11. Resource Available – List of currently available resources. At the bottom of the list will be resources currently dispatched to events.
  12. Reason Codes – Reason Codes are another way to categorize failures and events.
  13. Attachments – Attach Videos, Pictures, important attachments. 20MB per attachment. Unlimited attachments
  14. Assigned resource – Not dispatched only assigned. The clock does not track assigned. (aka the to do list).
  15. Actions – Actions are the ‘Verb’ what has taken place i.e. fixed, tightened, replaced.
  16. Component – Components are the ‘Noun’ of what has taken place. i.e. Bolt, Bearing, Sensor, Employee.
  17. Why Codes – Use these codes as a basis for problem solving.
  18. Comments – Comments on the Action and Components go here.
  19. Add Lines – Use the down arrow to add addition Action and Component Code line.

Quick link and History Buttons

The bottom portion of the Dispatch Edit screen provides Quick link buttons to several features. These are:

  1. This field allows additional notes to be added. Each note is time stamped as they are saved.

  2. Complete selection stops the timer and clocks for the Dispatch and removes the Resource from the dispatch and places them ‘Available’. When choosing ‘Complete’ the dispatch remains on the main dispatch screen.

  3. The Closed selection performs all of the functions as the ‘Complete’ selection, but instead, removes the dispatch from the main dispatch screen and archives the data.

  4. Exit – exits back to the main Dispatch Screen without saving changes made to the Dispatch Edit screen.

  5. Save – Saves any changes made to the Dispatch Edit screen.

  6. Save & Exit – Saves changes made to the Dispatch Edit screen and exits to the Main Dispatch screen.

  7. Change Time – Allows administrators to change the times on the Dispatch.

  8. Documents – Is a quick link to the list of documents associated with the Dispatch, Lines, Machine, etc.

  9. Follow-up – Allows the Resource to create a follow-up Dispatch or Work Order (if turned on in the site settings) to the current dispatch.

  10. Request Spares – Allows a Resource to request/link a spare part to the dispatch from the Spare Parts module in Leading2Lean.

  11. Print – Provides a printable version of the dispatch.

  12. Print Ticket – L2L must be set up to print to a local printer for this function to work with Spare Parts.

  13. Refreshes the Dispatch Edit page.

  14. Allows Administrators to view the Change History of the individual Dispatch.

  15. Allows Resources to view the Dispatch history of the Line associated with this Dispatch.

  16. Allows Resources to view the Dispatch history of the Machine associated with this Dispatch.

  17. Allows Resources to view the Spares history of the Machine associated with this Dispatch.


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