Dispatch Questions

Dispatch Questions can be used to require users to answer specific question when event is initiated or before closed. Dispatch Questions can be associated to events based on area, line, machine/s and dispatch types. Dispatch Questions require answers before proceeding. Dispatch Questions can be added to gather specific detailed information for short periods to assist in root cause analysis activities. They can also be used to verify that procedures are being followed during events.


  • Go to the Setup Menu and click ‘Dispatch Questions’
  • Select ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Dispatch Questions” bar
  • Select ‘Ask On Open’ or ‘Ask On Close’
  • Ask On Open: Ask question when event is initiated
  • Ask On Close: Ask question before event can be closed
  • Enter Question
  • On Open Examples: What lot is being ran? Was there a recent changeover Yes or No? What model is running? Can this job be scheduled Yes or No? Has material or product been quarantined Yes or No? Were there any symptoms prior to failure explain? Etc…
  • On Close Example: Did you follow lockout tag-out procedure? Was weld heat adjusted Yes or No? How much?
  • Answer:
  • Leave blank if answer requires text
  • Enter text if multiple choice answers are desired (e.g. Yes, No)
  • Use down arrow on right side of box to add additional choices for multiple choice answers
  • Select applicable Area, Line, Machine, Dispatch Type etc. that questions will be asked on
  • Note: When Area(s), Line(s), Machine(s), Technology(s), etc. are selected it will apply code to machines based on selections. For example if Line A and Technology Weld are selected the Question would apply to all machines on Line A and all machines tied to Weld technology across entire site. If Dispatch type(s) is selected it will only apply Question to the selected Dispatch Type(s) on selected Lines, Machine and Technologies. If Code Red Dispatch Type was selected along with criteria in previous example the Question would apply to machines on Line A and Machines in Weld Technology but only on Code Reds events.
  • Click ‘Save’


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