Why Codes

Why Codes are codes used during dispatch events to capture why the action was done to component

(example: Action-Replaced, Component-Blade, Why-Cracked)


  • Go to the Setup Menu and click ‘Why Codes’
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Why Codes” bar
  • Enter new Why Code information
  • Enter Why Code Description
  • Check Default option for entire site if code will be available for all events across entire site. If code applies to specific event types and/or machine(s) leave unchecked and select applicable criteria below (Area, Line, Machine, Dispatch Type etc.   Note: When Line(s), Machine(s) or Technology(s) are selected it will apply code to machines based on selections. For example if Line A and Technology Weld are selected the code would apply to all machines on Line A and all machines tied to Weld technology across entire site. If Dispatch type(s) is selected it will only apply code to the selected Dispatch Type(s) on selected Lines, Machine and Technologies. If Code Red Dispatch Type was selected along with criteria in previous example the code would apply to machines on Line A and Machines in Weld Technology but only on Code Reds events.
  • Click ‘Save’



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