Resource Shifts

Resource Shifts

Resource Shifts are used to setup production and maintenance shift schedules. Shifts are setup as pattern of days and hours that will repeat itself. This allows you to enter rotating patterns by days/hours

  • Go to the Setup Menu and click ‘Resource Shifts’
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Resource Shifts” bar
  • Enter Shift information
  • Enter Shift Name
  • Select/Enter Shit start date – this is the day you’d like to start the shift pattern
  • Make sure Active is checked
  • Add day one shift times and proceed adding additional days. On off days (not worked) select the Day Off check box and it will automatically set start & end hours to zero (Day Off). The actual days (Mon, Tue, etc..) should populate. Once the end of your pattern is complete completes the shift setup. The pattern will now cycle to the end day and repeat
  • Select applicable production lines/cells associate with shift
  • Select applicable users associate to shift: future application
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click on View Calendar to view in calendar format and to edit exceptions (Holiday day off, overtime day, etc)

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