Dispatch Types

Adding Dispatch Types

Dispatch Types are used to differentiate between various maintenance actions and determine priority in the business process.

  • Go to the Setup Menu and click ‘Dispatch Types’
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Dispatch Types” bar
  • Enter new dispatch type information (examples: Code Red, Code Yellow, and Preventative Maintenance)
  • Enter the Dispatch Type Code
  • Enter in the Dispatch Type Description (It is okay if code & description are the same)
  • Add a checkmark to the “Flag Dispatcher as Open” to enable sound notification when a dispatch of this type is opened
  • Click on “Select” to choose background Color (palate will drop down)
  • To only allow only one dispatch of this type open at a time, add a checkmark in the ‘Critical’ checkbox
  • Add a checkmark to highlight (light pink background) events for critical equipment on dispatch type
  • To make dispatch type available for Operators to select from the “Operator Input & Portal” screen, add a checkmark in the ‘Operator Dispatch Type’ checkbox
  • Select ‘Impact’ to production (i.e. down, impacting, no impact, etc.)
  • Check Resource must be Assigned Before Closing if you require a resource to be assigned before closing any events with this dispatch type
  • Check Allow a Resource to be Assigned to Multiple Dispatch(s) of this Type Simultaneously if you plan to have resources on multiple events with this dispatch type. Note: If you plan on tracking resource utilization DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX!!!! Allowing resources to be on multiple events at same time will multiply their man-hours and give an incorrect view of how much time is being allocated.
  • Inactive check box should be unchecked unless your inactivating a machine
  • Click ‘Save’


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