Adding Machines

If there is a requirement to load multiple numbers of machines, contact to help mass upload a list of machines.

  • Go to the ‘Setup’ menu and click ‘Machines’.
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Machines” bar.
  • Enter Machine Code. Codes are locked once saved. They can be inactivated, but not deleted.
  • Enter Machine Name. Special characters cannot be used in the name. Choose a name that is common within the workplace and understood throughout.
  • Enter Display (short) Name (up to 12 characters).
  • Select Line association from pull down menu. The ‘Area’ name associated with this line should be below in the next line. If not, this line will need to be associated with an Area before progressing.
  • Select product Value Stream from pull down menu (optional – See Value Streams)
  • Select machine Technology from pull down menu (optional – See Technologies)
  • Select Machine Group from pull down menu (optional – See ‘Machine Groups”)
  • Input Significant Downtime trigger in minutes. If Significant Downtime is the same across facility or area. Use the ‘Edit Significant Downtime’ option in the ‘Set-up’ menu.
  • If machine is considered critical to production check the ‘Critical Machine’ box.
  • Select if inactive, leave blank if active.
  • Check ‘Non Production Machine’ if does NOT affect production.
  • Check Exclude from Scheduled Machine Report if machine will not be included in scheduled maintenance
  • Enter Model name (optional).
  • Enter Serial Number (optional).
  • Enter Deployment Date (optional).
  • Enter current Cycle/Hour Count if you plan on using cycles/hours to schedule reoccurring dispatches (PMs).
  • Enter a Cycle Count Multiplier. The multiplier is used to count machines that may make multiple cycles to produce one product or machines that produce more than one product per cycle. Because the numbers are pulled from the Production module production count, a multiplier is needed. Set to ‘1’ if the machine produces a single product per cycle.
  • Select Cost Center if Machine Cost Centers are setup (SAP).
  • Click ‘Save’.
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