Add Lines

  • Go to the ‘Setup’ menu and click ‘Lines’.
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the ‘Lines’ bar
  • Add new line information.
  • Enter Line Code. Codes are locked once saved. They can be inactivated, but not deleted.
  • Enter Line Name. Choose a name that is common within the workplace and understood throughout.
  • Enter Abbreviation Name.
  • Select Area assigned from dropdown menu. If an Area is not available, it has either been inactivated or not yet set up (see ‘Add Areas’ in this manual).
  • Enter Line Cost Center from pull down menu. Cost Centers are input in ‘Set-Up’
  • Select Default Machine when entering Work Order. The Work Order will default to this machine when this Line is selected.
  • External ID is only used for integrations.
  • Choose a color for display on the main dispatch screen. If you know the RGB Hex Value, simply type it into the available space. Clicking in the empty field will bring up a color pallet to choose a color from as well.
  • Enable Work Orders to be generated for this line.
  • Select if inactive (should be unchecked for active).
  • Select for API collection of production data (only functions if API is set-up).
  • Enable automatic Production Status dispatches to be created when Line metrics go into a red status (‘Production’ Module Only).
  • Enable collection of scrap numbers by category. This is only available on the production ‘Pitch Boards’.
  • Select scrap Categories from the pull down menu available for this Line. Scrap categories are set-up in the production module and are only used if your company is using the production Pitch Boards.
  • Choose if you want to collect operator count on the Pitch board by operators name.
  • Enable operator skill tracking (requires operators by name above). Skills are established in the ‘Skills’
  • Create a Skill Notification Dispatch when a user checks into this Line with the following Skill Level or lower (requires operators by name above). Skills are established in the ‘Skills’
  • Select applicable production shifts. Production Shift are set-up in the ‘Set-up’
  • Default Pitch Schedule Template. Every line has a product run the majority of the time. Set this as the default pitch template. Pitch Templates are set-up in the production scheduling tool with ‘Production’.
  • Enter Hourly Downtime rate (what is cost of downtime per hour?).
  • Production Thresholds are used to set visual dashboard color thresholds in Production Module. If the Production Module is not used then there is no need to set thresholds.
  • Click ‘Save’.

Instructional Video:

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