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Areas represent functional areas within the facility and aides in organizing machines, lines and resources into separate groups. This takes away some of the clutter in the dispatch screen making dispatch entry easier.

Special note on areas: If at some point your facility reorganizes and renames all of the dispatch areas; do not go into the dispatch system and rename the areas. This causes problems with dispatch reporting because there is not a clean break in the database from old area names to new. Instead, create the new areas, reassign all of the lines to the new areas, and then deactivate the old areas.

  • Go to the ‘Setup’ menu and click ‘Areas’.
  • Click ‘Add New’ located in the upper right corner on the “Areas” bar.
  • Add new area information.
  • Enter Area Code. Codes are locked once saved. They can be inactivated, but not deleted.
  • Enter Area Description. Choose a description that is common within the workplace and understood throughout.
  • Select Default Dispatch Type from the drop list. This is the default dispatch type that will be auto selected when adding new dispatch events, but others can be selected based on actual event type.
  • Change Machine History value if desired. This is the number in days that history will be pulled from Machine link on main Dispatch screen (quick history). The higher the number of days, the longer time to pull the history. Typically 30-60 days is sufficient.
  • Inactive button. This is how you inactive Areas no longer in use.
  • External ID is only used for integrations.
  • Enable Work Orders if Area will be available for Work Order Requests. Most are checked Yes on this option.
  • Production Thresholds are used to set visual dashboard color thresholds in Production Module. If Production Module is not used there is no need to set thresholds.
  • Click ‘Save’.



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